Terms and Conditions of Service and Refund Policy:

Ambient Travels is providing a room accommodation reservation and booking service to you and your company. Ambient Travels provides such competitive room rates and service pricing due to its ability to reserve, hold and pre-pay for rooms for its clients at the time of reservation. Thus, it is agreed that you are receiving services from Ambient Travels  for setting up, negotiating, arranging, confirming, and providing the ability for you to receive pre-paid room accommodation reservations
A 25% deposit will be processed immediately via payment through the listed credit card, with the remaining balance charged immediately after the agreed upon room accommodation requested by you has been confirmed. Please check room booking confirmation for details. Final agreed upon room accommodations will be emailed to you 30 days after the initial booking and you will have 72 hours from receipt to make changes to final room accommodations. In order to change your room accommodation reservations or your room bookings, email [email protected] While there are no guarantee Ambient Travels will be able to accommodate the requested changes, Ambient Travels will take every effort to adjust, change and seek our customer’s utmost satisfaction.
**Disclaimer-Taxes and hotel service fees will be added to your final bill. Ambient Travels understands that sometimes plans change. However, as mentioned, Ambient Travels is able to offer such competitive pricing due to its ability to reserve, hold and pre-pay for rooms for its clients at the time of reservation. Thus, changes made after final accommodation is agreed upon, but prior to 30 days before check-in will not be assessed a fee. Any reductions due for changes or cancellations will be applied as credit for the customer’s next booking. Credit will expire if not utilized within 180 days of issue.
Changes made after 30 days prior to check in will be subject to a 25% fee, plus any fees, costs, and taxes charged by the hotel. In addition, should the entire reservation be canceled you agree to pay a cancellation fee in the amount of 25% of the total cost of room accommodation? This cancellation fee reflects the Ambient Travels services already performed on your behalf, monies already paid on your behalf, and monies earned by Ambient Travels for services deemed performed. Ambient Travels reserves the right to waive this cancellation fee at any time, at its sole discretion on a case by case basis. The law governing this Authorization.